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Für Zwei is an interactive audio/visual installation created with graphic design student Danielle Moalem and advised by RISD professors Mark Cetilia and Farah Al Qasimi. The piece is inspired by our research in the underground music communities in Berlin, Paris, and London, and aims to translate memories through an installation that recontextualizes digital and analog technologies. 


During the research process in Europe and the UK, we were often faced with the dilemma of restricted photography at these event venues. 

As photography was one of the main mediums for research, we were forced to adapt to this restriction and write handwritten notes about our experiences in the venues. As a result, we pieced together the notes with our memories to recreate specific moments in the form of 3D animations and abstract image-based and typographic collages. Paired with recorded audio from the spaces and formal interviews with various DJ's who performed at these events, Für Zwei amalgamates visual and sonic elements to invite spectators to interact with the installation and control their own unique experience. 

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