Documentation for the launch of Mixed Signals Studio's online virtual listening party. 

While it feels like second nature to photograph food in its natural state, I also enjoy the challenge of conceptualizing ideas and creating a whole new environment for a subject. Here are a few images where I utilize color and playfulness through experimental production. 

These are some selected images from freelance work taken during my studies. Clientele includes: Casa D'Angelo restaurants located in South Florida, Attitude Dance Co. studio based in Providence RI, product photography for industrial design studio Serra Studio, and textile artist Martha Nowak.

Watching a meal come together, heightens the dining experience. It is once you take the lens behind the scenes that you witness the real magic of food and its connection to the plate. I am not only documenting the dishes a restaurant or market makes, but the atmosphere and story as well. Hover over each clip to catch a glimpse of local restaurants, markets, and even from my home. Using my phone allows me to easily experiment, quickly capture, and to share special moments with the world instantaneously. To view more of these short videos, visit my "stills" page.